Climbers’ Forum set-up

And so we reach the end of a period of intense activity with the finalisation of the run up to Climbers’ Forum at the German Tree Care Days. Yesterday was the final prep of the tower, which was set up on Saturday and Sunday, which once again is looking very much the part, looking forwards to the demos being run on it. A big thank you goes out to Chris, once again, for all the work he puts into making this happen, year for year!

The photos below are likely to be the only pics of the set-up in front of a background of blue sky as unfortunately the forecast is not what you might call fantastic (unless you are… I don’t know, a yeti?), with snow supposed to hit Augsburg in the course of the week. If you are planning to come, I would strongly suggest a warm and waterproof layer.

Regardless of that I am looking forwards to all of the people coming here, spending some time together and catching up.

Roll on, Climbers’ Forum 2017!