Did you have a rough day today? #2

Continuing the theme of asking whether you think you had a bad day today

I think it is safe to say that the people involved in this incident had a sticky end to theirs… a lorry transporting a load of hagfish in Oregon tipped over on the highway, spilling the hagfish and their excretions onto the road. Um, yes. A pretty icky business, by the looks of it. Must smell pretty rank, too.

Can’t have made the hagfishes day either, come to that.

Reminds me a bit of how years back, when I was new to the arborist industry, training with my friend Alan, we were pruning Ginkgo, which was absolutely loaded with ripe fruit, its boughs bending under the weight. I cannot quite remember the exact sequence of events, but anyway, it ended up with me giving the trunk a vigorous kick – put it down to youthful exuberance – provoking a veritable avalanche of over-ripe Gingko fruit, with us caught in the middle this Gingkonami!

Alan was not impressed with me. We smelled very ripe. Over-ripe, in fact. Let me describe it this way: we had lunch outdoors that day. Probably a bit like the folk in the vehicle above left, one moment peacefully cruising down highway 101, enjoying the view with their roof window open to let the fresh air in, when the next moment… KERSPLURGE!

Ach. I sometimes wonder if it is weird that stuff like this makes me smile?