Don’t hold back with your creativity

What fascinates me about climbers’ culture within the greater arboriculture is how diverse and vibrant it is. This is due mainly to the people attracted to this line of work, which in turn creates a really interesting pool of skills and abilities.

Now let’s apply them!

Do not be shy to bring your own special set of skills to the table and find an area that you can apply them in, be it music, art – or something totally different; be it on the job site, at a conference or a tree climbing competition, main thing is simply to get stuck in.

Below is the Aerial Rescue scenario sheet from ETCC in 2013 in Thun.

The clown casualty made me laugh… really just a glorified doodle, but still, stuff like this adds texture and depth. In the end it is just someone making an effort. Coming up with AR scenarios is great, working with the team, finding something that will fit in the tree and the timescale and is at the same time meaningful – really brings everything together.