Eeeek! Pterodactyls!

Bumped into these guys today up a tree.

Gave me a right fright, I was really worried that all of a sudden a large shadow would blot out the sky and that mommy Pterodactyl would swoop and start trying to peck out my eyes! No, hold on, not Pterodactyls – it can’t be – after all, this is not the late Jurassic period.

Maybe extras from the new installment of the Star Wars franchise? Or maybe a bit of mystery, methinks.

What? …

“Pigeons”, you say?

Ha-haaa! Very likely, how improbable is that?!

(Mumbles) Pigeons… huh. That was a good one! Whatever next?

Coming up next in Unlikely Things I Found In a Tree: The day I found a pig’s ear up a tree (true actually, but that is for another time).