End of the year

Looking forwards to 2014 and wondering what it will bring!


It is over? Already?! Seriously? I must have blinked… oh well then, 2015 it is in that case.

Coming to the end of the year, feeling seriously worn down and out of steam. Looking forwards to a couple of quite days before things start going crazy again. Sometimes I wonder why we impose these kinds of stresses upon ourselves and that our ancestors must have done better.

But then again, I suspect that that is nonsense, that all the way back, through the ages, people have just been exposed to different kind of worries and stresses, whether this was about your harvest being burnt by pillaging knights or whether that was a saber-tooth lion you heard stirring in the bushes. Then again, I am pretty certain that Neanderthals did not have an mammoth tracking app on their Thag-o-Phone. Come to that, no mobiles, no instant availability – rather a nice thought, actually!

Be that as it may: I am out of steam. Stand by for further eclectic, scatty outpourings of my brain in due course, but right now, just give me a moment to catch my breath.

Meanwhile, you have 158 posts to read back over (or, as Todd Kramer would say, That’s a lot of words!) since April with plenty more to come… so keep an eye on this space.