ETCC Thoiry/ Paris 2018

Back from this year’s ETCC, gear unpacked and stored away, with a week to reflect upon and digest last weekend. I was able to take away a lot of good moments with me from Thoiry, I met new people, as well as refreshed old acquaintances. The site was a cracker, when we arrived on Tuesday it looked a bit rough, but come game day on Saturday, it really looked the part. The 23 meter Ascent Event was a bit of a challenge, in my opinion, as well as the Speed Climb that started out along a long horizontal limb before the contestants took off up the vertical. All events worked really well in the trees they were set up in, this is in large parts due to the great team of volunteers involved in set-up. Thank you to all of you who were there.

One of my personal highlights was meeting up with Lionel, a friend who had a very serious accident four years ago. He is still in the process of rehabilitation. I am moved as well as incredibly impressed by his courage and determination with which he faces the challenges his injuries brought with them. One of the things I found very heartening is that despite his body being very damaged, the mind which inhabits it remains as beautiful as it was before. I also thought it was brave of him to come to ETCC – and was thankful of the opportunity to meet up with him and be able to catch up.

Another highlight was Florim receiving the Spirit of the Competition award. This was highly deserved, Flo turned up two days ahead of the event, spent the whole time interviewing people to then moderate the two days of competition. His commentary was informative, whitty, kind and funny, having something to say about just about everybody on site 😊 – and was in French, German and English, on top of all of that!

ETCC was hot! In fact it got hotter by the day, culminating in a sweltering 35°C on Sunday. Thankfully there was a bit of wind all the time, so this meant it was bearable.

In view of the time, effort and dedication invested into such events, all on a voluntary basis, it is all the more disappointing when things happen such as the KASK tent being burgled on Thursday evening or people breaking into the neighbouring zoo, damaging the kid’s train as well as enclosures and scattering their rubbish all over the place. To whomever it may concern: This kind of behaviour does not make you welcome at our events, take it somewhere else – and do not come back!

On a positive note, I would like to thank everybody who joined us in the spirit of the event: the volunteers, the climbers and the spectators. It was a pleasure and a privilege to spend a couple of days together…

Next year’s ETCC will be hosted by the German ISA chapter on the island of Rügen, dates to be announced.

Images 8, 10, 11 and 12 © Stihl