Finally – vertical connect in English!

Finally got round to revamping the vertical connect website, including an English version. As I have mentioned before, we will be offering simultaneous translation between English, French and German for this year’s event on 1 and 2 September.

Should you not have anything planned for that weekend, consider yourself warmly invited. At the moment this is certainly one of my favourite events, it is independent, non-commercial and offers a lively, dynamic platform for discussion and exchange of ideas and information between people from all disciplines that involve working on rope. Add into this for good measure the dramatic backdrop of the Bernese Alps, offering all sorts of recreational activities at that time of year and you end up with a pretty convincing argument to make the trip to Meiringen in September.

The two day-topics this year will be Risk and Connectors and Connections. Really excited about the program, there will be some very knowledgeable folk speaking to and running demonstrations regarding their topics.

A further novelty this year will be the Vertical Connect Challenge. This interdisciplinary rope course will set a number of challenges to be solved by a mixed team of competitors. The event is open to all, albeit on a first come, first served-basis – and promises to be good fun.

Vertical connect is a must to add to the diary, most certainly.