I am deeply shocked.

Last Friday, our friend and colleague, Florim Ajda, had a terrible accident with a chipper. He lost his left hand and part of his lower arm. Apart from this he is uninjured. Thanks to the fast response by the people on site, he was quickly taken to hospital and was operated upon at once. There, he is receiving first-class care, is conscious and is surrounded by people who are close to him.

It is important for us – in agreement with Florim – to inform you directly and factually about this serious accident to prevent rumours from circulating. Florim is one of the most competent and professional arborists we know. For years he has promoted safe work practices and professionalism, in training as well as during his every-day work. His open and positive nature touches and inspires people around him. It is almost unimaginable that of all people this should have happened to him.

This accident painfully reminds us that during our work we can reduce the likelihood of such an accident occurring by applying safe work practices in a methodical and dilligent fashion – yet a residual risk will always remain.

Dear Florim, our thoughts are with you and we wish you lots of energy for your recovery and all which may come. We are thankful and glad that you are alive.