Fully motivated!

I would not normally plug products for the sake of it, but this one simply seems to much of a stroke of genius to pass by: SnūzNLūz, the WiFi donation alarm clock.

This alarm clock it linked via the WiFi network to your bank account, every time you hit the snooze button, it donates a predefined amount of money to a cause you abhor. Imagine how fast you would be out of bed if you knew every time you hit snooze, you were donating 10 Euros to your local tree hack! Or to the huge facility management company which has been whipping jobs away from under your nose! Or your least favourite competitor?

You know how they talk about nudges, which describe techniques or tools to push people in the direction of doing what is best for them – without realising it? Well, this is not a nudge, this is a full-blown body check!

In fact, it would probably even get me out of bed before the alarm rings!