Gravity to the max

So this must be Monday…

I was up a nice lime tree this morning, doing an inspection and taking a couple of photos to include in the report. The tree had been topped years ago, with long, leggy stems with no side branches, so I was rummaging around in the pouch on the back of my harness to get out a sling to use as an aid… which seemed to be a bit jammed up, so I gave it a yank, out popped the multiSLING and went sailing down.

Grrrrrr. I hate dropping gear. But not to mind, it is gras below and I saw where it landed. I will pick it up afterwards.

So I pulled out my phone to take a pic… and dropped it.


I call Lucas and ask him to attach the phone to the line, and offer to send down my remaining Dyneema sling to attach it with… to then I drop the sling.

😡 This is beyond a joke.

OK, Lucas, can you please pass me up my phone, the multiSLING and the Dyneema sling? Thank you.

Just as well I was finished soon, it is anyone’s guess what else I might have dropped next. My head, for instance.

What? Me? Fumble fingers? Nah, I am absolutely convinced that the problem was a localised massive increase of gravity below that lime tree causing stuff to fall from my hands. Like an arboreal neutron star or something like that.

Memo to self for Tuesday: Mark, stop dropping stuff.