2015? Let’s make it diverse!

So, 2014 almost done and dusted.

Christmas, New Year’s Eve?

A bit like national flags and borders, they are a kind of consensual hallucination, random lines drawn on maps, patterns on fabric or days that are – for whatever reason – assigned special significance and meaning. Still, seasons are an objective reality, so I suppose some of these dates symbolise the passing of seasons, I will grant you that.

My pet niggle of the past few days? People using cheap and cheerful templates…

My Year on Facebook, In a Relationship with… , Microsoft PowerPoint templates and mass media, mainstream opinions? In a time and a culture where individuality seems to be so highly rated, with people going to extreme lengths to demonstrate how different, extreme, beautiful, witty, brave or whatever else they are, I find it puzzling how at the same time they readily default to easy, stereotype, pre-packaged templates and patterns. Surely, if you wanted to rise above the masses you would go that extra mile to invest the time and effort to actually create something truly individual.

But no, that would mean taking a risk, exposing oneself to ridicule or derision. Much easier to just click «accept» on the pre-fabricated photo album that Facebook offers, rather than get truly creative.

I am not being grumpy here, mind you, merely puzzled.

So I suggest, rather than letting Zuckerberg, Bezos, Musk and co. define us and stunt our creativity, let us celebrate true diversity and embrace variance. Let us get out there, meet up, interact and discuss, forge true friendships and relationships. And while we are on that topic, why not aim for high-quality, meaningful upload, rather than meaningless, mindless download – this is not always easy, not saying that I alway achieve it by any means, but it is a target we can strive towards.

Here is to diversity and creativity! Have a good New Year and I look forwards to meeting up in 2015!