Hooked again

Here ya go, true story today…

I don’t know what made me think of this one. Maybe it has to do with the approaching silly season. Or because I had largish cervid antlered mammals on my brain? Who is to know?

Be that as it may, a couple of years ago, a fellow arborist was working in the local zoo in the reindeer enclosure, pruning a large chestnut. He was minding his own business, working away, when he realized that his climbing line was snagged, probably tangled up in some brush.

Far from it.

He tugged and pulled on his line, in a vein attempt to free it (he could not see the ground as the tree was in leaf), so in the end he decided to descend a bit to see if he could dislodge the obstruction with his body weight.

To his surprise, when he finally got a clear line of sight to the ground, he discovered the source of entanglement: one of the reindeer had managed to get his antlers firmly tangled in the arborist’s climbing line and was beging pulled up into the tree.

One session of disentangling later, the arborist was able to continue his work – and a sheepish reindeer pottered off to find something else to snack on.

Now where was that tick box on my risk assessment form for climbing line tangled in reindeer antlers? What? Not in there?! What kind of risk assessment form is this anyway?!