I am really impressed with the Straightpoint load-sensing Impact Block package!

I recently received the block back from Straightpoint after it was kitted out with the new, up-dated innards, resulting in an impressive actual transmitting range of 750m. In combination with the Straightpoint software this allows the data to be logged and viewed on a laptop, tablet or Android phone in real-time, also this now allows you to change with great ease the various settings on the block, such as the measuring rate, for instance. You can also use the hand-held receiver, this offers somewhat less options than the tablet/ computer route, but depending upon what you are using the block for can be absolutely sufficient. One of the great things about this product is that the connection between the load cell and the receiver is a radio transmission in both direction, this means no more faffing around with wonky infra-red or Bluetooth connections – been there, done my share of that…

Add into this the ultra-rugged, water- and shockproof Xplore Bobcat tablets, and you end up with a pretty comprehensive package that will stand up to buckets full of robust handling!

I will be very interested to see the uses that people put these types of devices to and what kind of data is  collected… as an industry, I believe we stand to gain immensely from the ability to quantify the masses we are handling and the forces we are generating on a daily basis.