It is not THAT hard to sort your shit out

?… as I was writing that title I was about to put stars into shit, but then I realized that, hey, it’s our blog so I can write whatever I want!

Wheee, the perks of having your own blog…

I have finally got round to doing something I have been meaning to do for ages: sorting out all the baumpartner‘s rigging gear. As is so often the case, once you have put a certain thing off for long enough, the hurdle it represents grows ever larger in your head – until you actually get round to doing something about it and realize it was really not such a big deal.

I have switched all rigging lines to Teufelberger’s Sirius Bull Rope, all rigging slings are now tREX. This has the advantage that you can work with colour coding and things become more uniform, this creates greater clarity as opposed to before where the rigging equipment was an assortment of lines from different manufacturers.

Great having rigging lines all the way up to 20mm now and dead eye slings that are specced accordingly higher – this way you know that if anything really beefy comes along, you can handle it well within the WLL, without having to compromise on your safety margin.

I finished it all off yesterday by adding printed labels specifying manufacturer, MBS, date of first use, diameter and length. I sealed this with heavy-duty shrink wrap with an adhesive on it. As the shrink wrap is used on the end of the lines there is not concern as to any adverse effect it might have on the fibers.

Gear that is well sorted and looked-after is more fun and easier to work with. Also, I believe it encourages correct use as it allows the climber to focus on the task at hand, rather than having to improvise with makeshift or jury-rigged equipment.