Never mind the lifestyle, here is your choice

Isn’t it funny how you only realize what you had when you don’t have it anymore?

Well, that is actually being a bit over-dramatic. Some things you only lose on a temporary basis. I am definitely noticing at the moment how many movements involve the elbow and lower arm strength. Almost all of them, actually. Heavy days climbing are obviously not what the doctor recommends in such cases.

I am confident though that I can sort this out, I am working hard at it at any rate. I have spent quite a bit of time thinking about what caused the pain to start with and came to realize that the irony is that it is at least in part down to an exercise I started doing to sort out some niggles I was experiencing with my elbows – and I obviously overdid it.

Sounds silly, but is really quite easy to do.

The great thing about bodies is that they are quite forgiving, as long you are not utterly unreasonable. Being attentive and understanding signals your body is giving you is a good point to start from in my books…

There is another truth here though, and that is that there is not one solution that fits all. As I wrote in the last post, same as with the trees, we are all different characters with different biographies, predispositions, weaknesses and strengths. Accordingly what can work fantastically for one person may be meaningless to the next.

Thanks to Colin Bugg for the link to Kelly Starrett‘s talks. Starett is an author of books on physical fitness, a motivational coach and trainer – and a whole bunch of other things, too. Whilst I am sure that Kelly makes some valid points, I feel the delivery is… debatable. But who am I to judge?! More to the point though, what struck me is that  he is quite forceful when discussing the “right” way to do things, and the scope of what he is discussing is far-ranging, some of the issues he touches upon being are really deeply individual, personal and quite intimate choices: Whether you choose to go vegetarian or vegan, Atkins or Flexitarian… it is really for you to find out what works for you. Same as all other choices you make in life: straight, bi or gay; believing in God, Buddha or the Great Spaghetti Monster in the Sky; yoga, Feldenkrais or Crossfit? All these choices we make are ours to make and in my opinion are not really open to debate.

All too much time seems to be spent trying to convince others that yours is the right and only way – when actually it probably makes more sense to just get on with it.

Lifestyle choices are overrated.