Pop go my resolutions

Three days into the new year and the first of my resolutions has already gone the way of the dodo… that one where I swore to myself to spend the first two weeks of 2018 pretty much in front of the wood stove? Well, after yesterday’s storm that one was knocked solidly on the head. Oh well.

Steer clear of trees, the met office said. 😳

The uprooted birch on this call-out was not very large or very challenging – except for the fact that it was hung up right on the edge of a building, over power lines. And it was wet. And there was a stupid amount of movement from the gusts of wind coming through. After having the power switched off and having guyed the tree in three directions, we stripped it down between two thunder cells.

Watching trees move in the wind is one thing, riding the storm on a tree is another. Really makes you appreciate the dynamic properties of a tree canopy.