Post-ETCC touch down

Promises, promises. No, I did not keep you updated, sorry about that.

The truth of the matter being that days around an event like ETCC start early, pass by in a frantic blur and end up comatose, to be repeated the next day… until you are spat out the other end. Exhilarated, befuddled, impression-rich – and at the same time with a slight sense of emptiness, slightly deflated.

ETCC was – once again – a rich experience for me.

A unique opportunity to spend time with friends, to interact with the very special group of people that our arborist tribe is and to create something where there was nothing before. I love the ephemeral structures we create during these events, the admin base  camp, the catering area, the various events that gain such relevance for a couple of days, just to be dismantled afterwards for the park to return to its original state again, with hardly a trace left by the event that took place there, maybe a faded marker-sprayed landing zone, some hi-viz dots up the Speedclimb tree, but that is about it.

What is not ethereal however are the connections between people that grow over the years. One of my most cherished memories of all these events is at the end of them seeing people leaving obviously happy and fulfilled – and wanting more. This is one of the key elements that drives something like ETCC. Powered by the people. Indeed. In that respect every person and every contribution matters and makes a difference, so consider yourself invited to join in.

I staggered into a few days holiday here in the south of France. But I made some notes of some items I would like to discuss in coming blog posts, so stay tuned. Meanwhile I will attempt to catch my breath before what lies in store for the next couple of months… ISA conference in Orlando, Vertical Connect in Meiringen, the NZ conference in Nelson in October, the A+A show in Dusseldorf – and a number of other things I ought to fit in around it all.


Time is flying – I must be having fun.