Post-ISA conference

Usually after events such as the ISA conference this week in Orlando I tend to cut my losses and travel back home – pronto. The downside? You do not really get to see much of the area you are in.

This time round Chris and I decided to add a day on after the conference to have a snoop around Florida. The Keys are one of those areas that you look at on a map and think how interesting it looks… like the spits of sand across the bay of Danzig or the lakes of Finnland, for instance.

So we went to have a look.

The Florida Keys were not quite what I had expected, the bits that can be built up are very densely populated, with bits of wilderness in between – but still, the mix of big skies, islands and this strip of concrete running up the middle is definitely spectacular.

Then we made a detour through the Everglades today on the way to MIA which were stunning. Whilst it is not a pristine landscape, the damage is less visible and the diversity is stunning. The place is teeming with life!

Chris was worried about the alligators. I wasn’t. 😉

We are not on the pics?

Simple reason for that: I do NOT do selfies (at least not in public) – and Chris turns invisible as soon as you point a camera at him.