Sometimes I cannot help but wonder

Knut pointed this one out to me… I cannot help but feel deeply perplexed and more than a bit irritated by it.

Really? Arborist gear is heavy? Thanks so much, I would never have noticed, so that is why I have been schlepping myself stupid all these years?!

But seriously: Arborist gear is heavy exactly because it is has safety factors designed into it to compensate for the wear and tear of professional use – unlike sporting equipment, which is designed with other parameters and standards in mind. The original post of which I have inserted a screen shot above links to a video detailing how you can supposedly convert a rock climbing harness to do exactly what a treeMOTION does (no, I will not be posting the link, thank you very much).

That someone should actively suggest or promote adapting a sporting product to an industrial application… where to start?! To put it charitably, this speaks at the very least of a profound lack of understanding of the topic.

Ultimately I cannot make these kinds of calls for someone else, if they see fit to apply this kind of logic to the way they select equipment for their work, so be it – yet should something go wrong, they would very likely find themselves in seriously hot water. I do however object to promoting this to others as being acceptable practice. It is not. There is absolutely no way that a manufacturer of a rock climbing harness would accept this kind of adaptation of their kit to a totally different area of application. What makes it all the more puzzling is that there are products out there that do exactly this job, were in fact designed to do so – so why would you chose not to use them? Or how can you justify a decision to use one over the other? This is what would commonly be referred to as “a very, very bad idea”.

Not to mention the whole process of bringing to market the products which, unlike what is being proposed here, are actually fit for purpose: the years of design and development process, the investment of time, money and effort, the validation, the testing and certification, the specialist manufacturing or the quality assurance…

And why is this DIY approach preferable? Because it is so much more comfortable? Or cheaper? Really?

I rest my case. This is simply waaaaay beyond my comprehension.

Truly, in this glorious day and age of social media all you need to be an expert on your very own soap box is a Facebook or YouTube account – and a keyboard.