When E.T. goes bad

More snow. Piffle…

So, what do you do? You start catching up on films.

Like «Prometheus» for instance, which sees Ridley Scott continuing to implant a fear of dark spaces and slimy egg-shaped things in our subconscious in a further installment of his Alien franchise. I enjoyed the film, but what tickled me especially is the scene towards the end, where the heroine Liz Shaw is desperately trying to escape from a grumpy alien.

During her escape there comes a point where she needs to abseil out of a spaceship – rapidamente! To do so she uses a Petzl I’D… what is so funny is the way she desperately pumps the handle of the device into the anti-panic position. Naturally, her progress is slow.

This clearly demonstrates a couple of points:

  1. When escaping a rabid alien, not all devices are equally suitable. Probably a good idea to avoid anti-panic features, as you may be in a bit of a rush and not thinking quite so clearly.
  2. Where the hell is my jet pack? We get all the way to the 24th century and are still abseiling using I’Ds and rope? Seriously? Give me a break here! Anti-gravity plates on the soles of my shoes would be the minimum I would expect!
  3. Memo to Ridley: When filming a Hollywood blockbuster, make sure that your stunt coordinator takes the time to instruct your actors how to operate a device correctly… preferably before the shot.

So, I suppose the lesson out of this is to chose the tools you use wisely – regardless of whether you are escaping aliens, felling or pruning a tree or abseiling down a canyon.

P.S. Just thought of a point 4: Do not hang around grumpy, rabid aliens that want to incubate their young in your body. Or eat their way into your brain and remote control you. Or inject your body with acid and drink you through a straw.

Well, you get the idea…