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Back from the US and a whirlwind stint at the TCI Expo in Pittsburgh – feeling dazed and confused.

But hey, what’s new?!

But I am not the only one…

I was down at breakfast at the hotel we were staying at in Pittsburgh, working my way through the buffet, in an attempt to find something that would not make me feel like I was on a steady diet of expanding foam. I ended up standing next to a young fellow whom I know from sight who is a trainer with one of the large US training outfits .

I decided I ought to make an effort to be sociable, after having suffered a rather acute attack of people poisoning the day before and having reverted into hermit mode…

Consequently, there ensued following, rather comical, dialog.

Me: Hiya, show going ok for you?

Him: Yes… (nonplussed expression creeps onto his face) Errr, can you remind me of your name? (OK, I actually know his name – but that is not part of this story)

Me: Mark

Him: Right. (I can almost see the cogwheels attempting to make a connection at this point) You’re with Petzl right?

Me (at this point I think I snorted a bit of snot out of my nose – sorry, graphic, but true): Uhhhh. Nope. Not really. On the other team… treemagineers, savvy? 

Him: Huh.

Being sociable is over-rated. Back to Johnny-no-friends mode.