The tower, she rises!

What a ride! Finally, after years, the treemagineers drop tower is a reality!

After a really gutsy set up day on Friday, with Chris and Puk braving the elements, obstructive crane drivers and knuckle-draggingg foundation drilling blokes, the tower is now a reality!

Final tweaking tomorrow, do some run-throughs and test drops and we should be good to go. I will be very interested to see how it all goes, what the response is, what topics this allows us to delve into in greater depth.

Why go to all this effort?

The investment in this tower as a testbed for replicable testing and to advance industry understanding for the hows and whys of our work methods represents a major investment for us, no question. However in our eyes it is the right thing to do: we see it as a re-investment in the industry and are therefore happy to be able to offer something in return for the faith that people place in the products we have been involved in over the years and by doing so in validating the concepts behind them.

Can’t wait to give it a spin over the next couple of days…