There be monsters!

Got some fruit and veg from the market today.

One of the great thing about buying from markets is that you get to buy real food, not the sanitized, standardized, uniform stuff you find on regular super market shelves.

Nature is so stunning with such a dizzying range of shapes and forms. Diversity seems to be a natural state of affairs. One of the reasons, by the way, why I really struggle with the concepts of both racism and homophobia, but that is another story.

So anyway, in amongst the veg I spotted this carrot…

But not all was as it seemed! This was no humble root vegetable, no nooooo! For unwittingly I had stumbled upon…

Trouble was not long in coming and he went on rampage…

And I always thought beta-Carotene is good for you!
The Carrot Menace!
The Carrot Menace!
Run, run for the hills!

He’s probably on his way now to destroy some metropolis, like… L.A. or Tokyo. Consider yourselves warned! Scramble those jets!

This was a public service announcement brought to you by treemagineers.

And remember, as always, you read about it here first!