Things get heavy

Wow! That was an interesting day yesterday. And it was only day two of the week, wonder what more is going to come to light.

Don’t expect any quick statements regarding the testing. The temptation of course is to rush out to share snippets of information, but the truth is when it comes to rigging, caution may be advisable when attempting to express generic guide lines. Rigging is complex. Many factors come into play, that will influence the way the machine you have built into the tree behaves – and that is one of the things we are trying to improve our understanding on.

So the next steps will be mulling over the data, evaluating all of the video and photographic footage and trying to formulate coherent conclusions that are of use in the field. The problem is not lack of data, but the sheer volume of it, and this will only increase by the end of the week.

Bit of rain over night, cleared now, so it looks like we’re good for today, which is fantastic as it means we can press on…