treemagineers in Japan

After a day’s workshop in Forest Park in Saitama on general climbing techniques and two days on rigging in Azumino in the Nagano prefecture, I once again have a number of people to thank for making this happen: the Niikura family and all at KEM Japan for being well organized and the most gracious and generous hosts conceivable, Takashi Osaka for, once again, bearing with my ramblings and – apparently – tirelessly translating the full three days, Paul Poynter for his support and insights during the workshops – and the people who came from all over Japan to this event, without you this would have been only half as much fun!

I hold the professionalism of Japanese climbing arborists in the highest esteem, once again I was humbled and impressed by the focused and concentrated attitude displayed by the whole group, we had seventy people for the weekend, who were on the ball from the word go right up until the end. I am happy to be able to be able to offer this small contribution towards welcoming this group into the climbing arborist community, as I feel their contribution is meaningful, important and profound.

The lodge we stayed in in Azumino, Teicho Sanso, was stunningly beautiful with a rather lovely couple running it – we were able to do the whole rigging workshop on site. I was super-excited to be able to demo all ten generic A and B rigging scenarios as defined in the Rigging Research over the course of the two days, something I have never done before. This created a very clear structure along which we were able to discuss not only rigging tools and techniques, but also the thought process behind planning and managing such operations – as well as emergency planning.

Off for the day to Tokyo tomorrow, then flying home Tuesday. Ahhhhh, the joys of long-haul flights…