The other night I was reading in my Big Book of Trivia – as one does – and came across a paragraph that discussed the word “Pinto”. The Pinto pulley (aka PUL110) as some of you may be aware of, is a rather beautiful, hot-forged pulley that DMM produce. We had the privilege of being part of the design process – and rather like the final product.

But I digress…

So anyway, my Big Book of Trivia had the following to say about connotations for the word “Pinto” in Portuguese: Apparently there it is slang for a small penis.


Well, that burst my bubble a bit. Language truly is a fickle thing, it can be so wonderful in one moment, allowing you to communicate with any number of wonderful people with regard for neither borders or nor provenance – to turn around the next moment and kick you in the rear. This kerfuffle would fall solidly into the second category.

So I would like to make a public service announcement to all our friends in Brazil and Portugal: This is not what we had in mind when we chose that name.

I will freely admit to feeling slightly traumatized by this episode.

Then this morning, when we came down from the tree to make a break, Jascha called me over to have a look at his Pinto. Apparently it had been damaged, not much, just a chip off the side. And I was like… uh-uhhh, awkward! But it was fine: in the end he just wanted to show me a pulley. Hot-forged. And rather nice.

Language is a fickle thing indeed