Up-date Florim

The days since Florim’s accident have been hard.

A rollercoaster ride, with one moment feeling normal, for the next to hurt badly. The accident has sent shock waves through the industry, the response has been overwhelming. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and messages, I know this means the world to Flo.

If you would like to send him something or write to him, please send here:

Florim Ajda
Grand’ Rue de Peney 18
1445 Vuiteboeuf

If you have written to him, please understand that if Florim does not answer, this is not meant in an unkind or rude fashion, he simply really needs to focus on the healing process.

He will remain in hospital the next couple of days, after a second operation on Monday evening. He has started physio to keep the arm supple and mobile.

I was heartened by what I encountered when I first saw him after the accident last Sunday. Florim remains the up-beat, positive person he always has been, obviously struggling at times, which is more than understandable in view of the circumstances, but he clearly says that he is not afraid of what the future may hold for him, is ready to confront it and feels very lucky, realising the accident could have been a lot worse. I am confident that he is going to work his way through the difficult and lengthy process ahead of him, with the help of all the people around him.

Heal fast, my friend.