An update for treeMOTION evo user instructions

Happy days! Teufelberger have updated the user instructions for the treeMOTION evo, now allowing for a direct attachment onto the rope bridge(s) with a EN362 connector.

In chapter 2.4. of the user instructions on page 9 (English version) number 4) is changed as follows:

4) Adjust the length of the rope bridges supporting the rope bridge attachment point ensuring the stopper knots are properly tied, dressed and set before going ‘on rope’. The ring is usually fixed to both rope bridges simultaneously. The rope bridges should be of equal length. They are there for redundancy so that if one rope bridge is e.g. cut, the other one will take over.
It is also possible to use the ring on one rope bridge only. Alternatively one ring may be used on one rope bridge each. This allows for easier change from one anchor point to another and the two rope bridges may be adjusted to different lengths. A second ring may be purchased at Teufelberger. (see chapter on replacement parts). Direct connection to a rope bridge via an EN362 connector is permissible.
Note: Both rope bridges must be mounted on the harness, even if only one is used.

This amendment means that – thankfully – in future attaching in the way shown below is now in line with the user instructions.

Just as a reminder, the other approved means of attachment are via a DMM Anchor Ring or a DMM Axis swivel.