We can do better

In a world that seems to be derailing in so many ways, I am determined that as least our own little microcosm we shall do better – for instance by solving conflict in a balanced, fair fashion.

I underestimated the response that the two posts I wrote about one-handed use of chainsaws would evoke. More importantly it was not my intent to insult or hurt anybody with them, essentially they reflect my opinion. And that opinion, like so many other things, is of course subjective and at times prone to fallacies. A lot of this blog revolves around mistakes I make and conclusions I draw from them – I would be the first person to admit to faults and bad habits.

I have decided to remove the two posts from the blog as they led to considerable conflict with Reg Coates, someone I respect and whose contribution to tree care I value. I have zero interest in getting drawn into conflict of any kind as this seems futile, pointless and is certainly not something I have any desire for. I do however believe that there is an interesting topic there, which is how do we approach safe use of chainsaws. I will be discussing with Reg how we could bring our opinions on this matter together in some form or other.

Contrasting points of view need not inevitably lead to acrimonious conflict. We can identify common ground and recognise differences – and move on, expending energy on more positive things rather than social media shit storms in order to provide for our families and loved ones.